Hello.  Welcome to my research hub.  I am an eLearning professional with a particular interest in storytelling, education and technology. I find quite a few of my articles through ScoopIt and repost them here, in large part for my own tracking.  This year I am working toward developing more original posts stemming from what I am learning in my graduate work, at conferences and in my work.  My first series will be a recount of the conferences I have been to in the past year.  Thank you for visiting!

Participant Index–Finding Out Why 1 Film Spurs Action, While Another Doesn’t

A film company, two foundations and a university want to know what motivates people to support an issue on social media after they see issue-oriented movies, TV shows or online video.

Source: www.nytimes.com

Karen Dietz, you should take a look at the marketing anaylysis developed by Emotient using CERT technology.  I hear rumour that one of the founders might be talking at an upcoming TEDxAmericasFinestCity evnt ;-)

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Presentation Zen: Storyboarding & the art of finding your story

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Storyboarding as we know it may have been pioneered by filmmakers and animators, but we can use many of the same concepts in the development of other forms of storytelling including keynote presentations or short-form presentations such as those made…

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

"A great storyboard artist is a great communicator (not necessarily a great illustrator/animator)."



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Serious eLearning Manifesto

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By putting forth this Manifesto, Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer invite all learning professionals to pledge to do the things that are necessary to create an engaging…

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

I think it is interesting the way this crew is beating the path to ‘shake things up’ (to quote Bones).

See on elearningmanifesto.org

TWIST Conversations: Clark Quinn on Why Now is the Time for Mobile Learning

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Welcome to TWIST Conversations, where we chat with a member of the Guild Community exploring current trends in learning, performance, and technology. In this episode of TWIST Conversations I chat w…

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

Neat new segment on the eLearning Guild website "TWIST".


How could you use mobile for learning?  What is the future of social learning in the workplace?

See on twist.elearningguild.net

How technology can unleash India’s full potential

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Technology can fix corruption, health care, education, water sanitation and more.

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

"Tens of millions of children in India receive substandard education or none at all.  It will take years to train new teachers and build schools, and an entire generation will be left out.  The only practical solution is to roll out digital tutors with the help of NGOs so that communities can uplift themselves."


Adoption is the only option.  While I still hear debates happening in the US it seems that the use of technology is the only way forward for many other countries.  I am fascinated to see what will happen with adaptive learning. 


"The digital tutor of the future will take students into holographic simulations to teach history, culture, and geography.  It will provide equally good education to all children, rich and poor."

See on www.washingtonpost.com

E-Learning Design’s Lost Focus on the Learner

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Focusing on how to get started almost always seems to center on what the designer should do—and buy.

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

How does using adding story into the education + technology equation = better learning?  We often think of interaction as the power to click.  However, people naturally engage with story that imprints learning much more effectively than rote memorization.  Learning how best to couch your learning in a Big Picture umbrella that involves story will cause your learners to naturally interact with your course, beyond just clicks.

See on www.astd.org

An Amazing Timeline Chronicling The History of Social Media ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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“ An Amazing Timeline Chronicling The History of Social Media #edtech #ukedchat http://t.co/VCGdXvykf4”;

Patricia Stitson‘s insight:

This is just a bit older but a great find.  I am working on a project about the different ways to use social media in learning; pushing out information, consuming information, and in content curation.  I love that this couches the trend in a 1969 start with Compuserve.  We tend to be aware of the boom in the last 5-10 years but miss the miss the ramp up.

See on www.educatorstechnology.com

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